Car Detailing Halifax

Welcome to Auto Detailing Halifax, Nova Scotia’s top mobile car wash company. Our automotive cleaning company puts care into every wipe of the brush, every spray of the pressure cleaner, to give an all-around professional auto detailing service in Halifax that can’t be beaten. For combined decades our team has been applying the same passed-down expertise and knowledge to the field and we guarantee a satisfying Halifax car detailing service that will have heads turning and eyes widening. Get ready for that new car smell as our mobile car wash Halifax experts put diligence and perfection into ever step of your car detailing service. We’re excited to be of service!


For fast, polite mobile auto detailing services in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, call us now!

The Best Auto Detailing in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada for All Vehicles

Everything from polish and wax to buffing and car seat vacuuming and steam cleaning for trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles and all vehicles is at your beck and call, mobile to your location, from Dartmouth to Bedford NS, with our polite and professional automotive cleaning company.

Auto Detailing Halifax's Services

Let us take the time to explain our services here, or you if you don’t feel like reading you can call (902) 400-0551 right now for the answers to all your questions. We supply mobile auto detailing in all areas surrounding Halifax; that includes Dartmouth, Bedford, Lower Sackville and Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada. Included in our wide host of car detailing Halifax services is paint correction and touch ups, windshield wiping and headlight restoration, minor dent removal and windshield wiping, engine detailing and interior car polish, plus a whole lot more. Literally every aspect of your van, your RV, your motorbike, your truck or other automobile can be cleaned inside and out, with an eye for detail in every single nook and cranny. We never rush and we never drag, like a jazz musician playing to utmost perfection, which results in a perfect car detailing Halifax service unlike anything else in Nova Scotia. We’ve been called the best auto detailing company in Canada countless times by some of our clients who get to travel up and down the country. Car collectors and enthusiasts love us because we listen to their every word before going ahead and touching their beloved vehicle. We promised we’d take the time to discuss our various services, but we invite you to call us for any questions. A free quote is waiting for you, just a phone call away. Contact our company today!

Engine Detailing Halifax NS Service

car engine detailing Halifax NS services

Engine bay detailing and electric motor detailing services in Halifax are available here professionally. With the best tools, equipment and a critical eye for detail, our highly trained experts who have been both mentors and protégés at one point in their careers are here to give a long-lasting, fully qualified engine detailing Halifax service that can’t be beaten either in price or in quality anywhere in the greater Nova Scotia area, satisfaction guaranteed! Let’s get your engine washed today!

Boat Detailing Halifax NS Service

boat detailing halifax

Whether it’s a fishing boat or a yacht, you can be assured that our automotive cleaning experts in Halifax can clean it, inside and out, mobile to your location today, tomorrow and booked in the near future with a free quote on the cost. As fully qualified pros with experienced backgrounds in repairing and detailing boats of all shapes and sizes, our team has put together an all-around interior and exterior boat detailing Halifax service with an eye for perfection.

Aircraft Detailing Halifax NS

helicopter and air plane detailing services in halifax nova scotia

Aircraft of every form–aught from helicopters, private jets, airplanes and even hovercrafts–can be cleaned and washed, polished and waxed, inside and out today or tomorrow with our professional aircraft detailing Halifax service. Indeed, our team does a lot more extraordinary things than yacht detailing services. We take our expertise from the Atlantic Ocean to the splendid Canadian skies above Nova Scotia with our pro boat cleaning services. Call us today!

We’re beyond grateful to be able to work in this wonderful city. We care so much about putting smiles on people’s faces it sometimes brings tears to our eyes. Let’s do business!

If there’s such a thing as being the most qualified expert automotive detailers in Halifax, we’d at least be up for nominations. We apply real human experience!

Why We're the Best Car Detailing Halifax Company

car wash halifaxIt’s not like we stood up behind a lectern and said “we’re the best.” We just can’t ignore the facts. After multiple decades of providing car detailing Halifax services, we’ve worked with many Halifax car detailing companies and have learned countless facts about the industry. While the other guys stay out of date and take short cuts we take pride in taking our time and making sure the client is satisfied. For us there’s nothing more awesome in this world than a freshly detailed car, and as people who watch NASCAR and go to car shows we have a passion for cars, trucks and the sexy curves of classic, vintage automobiles, and it’s a passion we can’t explain, a passion we just have and we don’t know where it came from. We dream of nothing but doing the best job we possibly can and so far it’s paid off. We keep up to date with electric car technology to provide motor detailing and a whole lot more in Halifax, NS, CA. 

Truck Detailing

Never search for truck detailing near me again as you become a VIP client of Auto Detailing Halifax. We provide mobile truck detailing and interior truck wash Halifax services with an eye for perfection.

Van Detailing

Whether it’s a family van or a work van, we got you covered for interior, exterior and engine detailing. A mobile van wash service is just a phone call away, and we’re excited about seeing your van clean!

SUV Detailing

Sport utility vehicles deserve the same love that every car does, and our pros are here to give that love. Get your SUV cleaned and washed today, mobile at your location, with our SUV detailing Halifax service.

Motorcycle Detailing

Motorbikes, scooters, choppers and even segways and mopeds can be detailed to utmost perfection today or tomorrow with our various auto detailing Halifax services. Call to wash your motorcycle.

RV Detailing

Recreational vehicle detailing is a perfect service right before an excursion or a road trip. When it comes to our RV detailing Halifax service, you’re given naught but the most quality care and attention to detail.

Yacht Detailing

Ah, the summer breeze in the Atlantic Ocean on a freshly detailed yacht is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. Get our mobile yacht detailing Halifax service today for an interior and exterior boat wash.

We use the best auto detailing equipment, mobile to your Nova Scotia location, and do everything from interior polish to exterior wax professionally.

Getting a free cost estimate from Auto Detailing Halifax for any of our various automotive services requires no obligation and zero money down. We do free quotes for anyone who asks and are always happy to help.

We believe patience is the key to perfection, but more important than simply providing a quality auto car detailing Halifax service is being kind and polite to our clients.

auto detailing halifax

Our Services

  • Paint touch up, correction & protection
  • Scratch & dent removal
  • Tire & rim power cleaning
  • Windshield wiping & protection
  • Headlight restoration
  • Engine & engine bay detailing
  • Electric motor detailing
  • Car seat vacuuming
  • Car seat steam cleaning
  • Mobile automotive cleaning
  • Valet automotive cleaning
  • Automotive odor removal
  • Exterior car wax
  • Exterior car polish
  • Exterior car buffing
  • Boat detailing
  • Aircraft detailing
  • RV detailing
  • Motorcycle detailing
  • Plus a whole lot more

Our Locations

  • Elmsdale, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Goffs, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Wellington, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Timberlea, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • French Village, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Sambro, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Duncans Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Beechville, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Seaforth, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • West Chezzetcook, Novia Scotia, Canada
  • North Preston, Novia Scotia, Canada
  • Dartmouth, Novia Scotia, Canada
  • And all encompassing locations!