More Professional Auto Detailing Services in Halifax, NS

high end, show room professional auto detailing company servicesWe have many services to satisfy car lovers around Nova Scotia. Making cars look new again with Canada’s top premium showroom-quality detailing is what we do here, providing anyone in Halifax with the professional, high end car detailing they deserve if they want nothing but the best. Read the list of our services below.

  • Pickup and Delivery Chauffeur Detailing
  • Car Paint Correction and Paint Restoration
  • Car Paint Protection and Paint Sealant
  • Swirl Mark Removal
  • Spider Web Crack and Marring Removal
  • Clay Bar Treatment Service
  • Car Paint Scratch Repair
  • Car Polishing
  • Tail Light and Headlight Restoration
  • Car Window Treatment
  • Car Upholstery and Car Seat Steam Cleaning
  • Leather Car Seat Treatment
  • Engine Shampoo
  • Engine Steam Cleaning
  • Interior Steam Cleaning
  • Car Decontamination
  • Car Odour Removal

To order any of the services listed above or to get a free cost estimate over the phone, call (902) 400-0551 and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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Trade Show Quality, Showroom Condition Auto Detailing, Nova Scotia's Premium Service

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All of our services are mobile, able to reach anywhere in Nova Scotia with the best car cleaning equipment in the industry. Whether you’re up in the mountains or in the heart of downtown, all our professional auto detailing services are available 7 days a week. If you have questions, get them answered today. We’re delighted to prove why we’re the best in the business when it comes to professional car detailing in Halifax Nova Scotia.